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“Ladies and gentlemen of Burnage.

In my perambulations around the league fixtures we have enjoyed over the last 10 years the clearest message I took from looking at the way other clubs are organised was that volunteers are the life blood of every successful club.  Not just the volunteers who coach or fill committee roles but the invaluable people who turn out come rain, hail or shine to do little jobs which are genuinely important to the health of the club we all love.

The most obvious of these jobs is standing on the gate for a 1st XV home game and this is an early start to the regular request for gate volunteers which I usually make by Facebook or WhatsApp posts to various groups.

Duties include taking payment from adults wishing to watch the 1st XV match and hand them a match day programme. You will be provided with the beverage of your choice and free entry to the match.

We aren’t looking for someone to perform the Herculean task that dear old Mother Grundy did, we want to spread the effort around.  This is an ideal opportunity for any old fart out there but we would welcome anyone who has recently retired from playing or isn’t playing through injury. An occasional afternoon at the club most hold some attractions.”

Mike Crawley


Announcing the Passing of Andy Green

February 15th, 2023|

Announcing the passing of Andy Green It is with Great sadness that we must report the passing of Andy Green. A great part of Burnage RFC’s add_filter( 'avada_blog_read_more_excerpt', 'my_read_more' ); function my_read_more( $read_more ) { global $post; $read_more = "... Read more> "; return $read_more; }

Important Rugby News from Burnage RFC

January 27th, 2023|

There has been much speculation about the status of rugby at Burnage RFC in the last couple of years. The loss of as many as 65 players through retirement, relocation, long term injury or family commitments has had a devastating effect on our ability to consistently field three Senior Teams.



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