Saying Goodbye with Camaraderie: A Funeral at Burnage Rugby Club

  • Date: April 10, 2024
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A funeral is a deeply personal occasion, a time to remember and celebrate the life of someone special. While traditional settings like churches and crematoriums have their place, there’s a growing trend towards more unique locations that reflect the personality of the deceased and provide a comforting space for mourners.

For those with a love for rugby, or a strong connection to Burnage Rugby Club in Manchester, holding a funeral there can be a beautiful way to say goodbye. But this is a venue that is suitable for everyone, regardless of a sporting connection. Set in the tranquillity of 11 acres of green fields, this is a  wonderfully evocative place to say goodbye. To find such a serene place in the heart of South Manchester is not easy, but BRFC has it. With its strong position within the community, as an alternative funeral setting it really can offer a fantastic solution to all your funeral needs.

A Space for Flexibility

Burnage Rugby Club likely offers a function room or similar space that can be customised to suit the needs of the funeral. This flexibility allows for personalisation, reflecting the deceased’s wishes and creating a space that feels true to their memory. Family photos, rugby memorabilia, or decorations reflecting their hobbies can all be incorporated to create a unique and meaningful atmosphere.

The clubhouse itself might also be suitable for smaller gatherings, offering a more intimate space for close friends and family to share memories and grieve together.

A Celebration of Life

A funeral at Burnage Rugby Club needn’t be a sombre affair. A funeral is as much a celebration of life as a farewell, and Burnage Rugby Club has everything you could need to remember your loved one. There is excellent AV equipment so if you want to show videos or a montage of photos they can be displayed on the large wall mounted TV. There is a great sound system to play music, and there is the option to use the small marquee if you want a place for a ceremony. The clubhouse lends itself to a more relaxed feel, allowing for mourners to mingle and share stories in a less formal setting.

Catering and Additional Considerations

Burnage Rugby Club has a lot of experience hosting events, and their staff can help with catering arrangements. A selection of finger foods, buffets, or even a formal sit-down meal can be arranged to suit the needs of the occasion and the number of attendees.

When considering a funeral it’s important to check any logistical details. Parking facilities are very important if you are having a large number of people, and Burnage Rugby Club has excellent free parking that can accommodate over 200 vehicle so it is easy for everyone, especially elderly people to have access. There is also disabled parking, disabled toilets, and wheelchair access if needed.

A Final Farewell Steeped in Passion

For those with a connection to Burnage Rugby Club, holding a funeral there can be a truly special way to say goodbye. Surrounded by the spirit of the sport and the warmth of the club’s community, it creates a space for a unique and meaningful farewell that reflects the passions of the deceased.

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