Dear Visitors

We extend a warm welcome to you and look forward to seeing you at the Club.

Please read the following information and ensure that all PLAYERS, COACHES and MEDICAL staff are aware of the requirements when visiting the Club.

  1. Blades: Use of footwear which has a bladed profile studded sole is prohibited.
  2. Metal (screw-in) Studs on Synthetic Turf for Rugby: Metal Studs designed for Rugby are permitted provided they are Kite Marked and manufactured to BS 6366:2011 These types of studs are a mandatory requirement when playing rugby and are part of the IRB laws of the game. These types of studs are designed for player safety and the limit the potential damage to the playing surface. It is important that the studs must be fitted correctly to the shoe sole and in a way that they cannot capture the turf fibres i.e. all studs are fully tightened and there is no gap between the studs and the sole of the boot.

All studs must be free of sharp edges, have a smooth and undamaged surface and totally free of sharp burrs. The profile of the stud must be an even wear across the bottom of the stud. Studs showing any of these defects are therefore PROHIBITED for use on the surface at any time whether in training of match situations It is the responsibility of the facility owner and/or club to check and monitor all footwear used on the surface prior to any person entering or using the synthetic turf field to verify compliance with these conditions.

All footwear must be clean and free from mud, soil and stones, prior to usage on pitch.

Failure to follow this guidance will affect the sports performance and drainage of the turf system, plus bring onto the pitch foreign debris which could lead to player injury.

 The use of flat soled training shoes and ‘Astro’ trainers is prohibited as they flatten the pile of the carpet and increase the rate of compaction of the infill.

Footwear that is NOT PERMITTED includes all training shoes and blades